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Hello, I’m Ellie.
Developer, Networker, Educator

I currently work at UniSA, an enterprise university in South Australia. I have experience in a range of areas in IT and higher education.

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Who am I?

I'm a recent graduate from UniSA with experience in web development, computer networking and teaching in higher education. I love all things IT and want to provide everyone with the opportunity to learn IT.

I bring an innovative approach to achieving quality results and strive to be a unique, open, high performing and approachable individual. Additionally, my superb results have been achieved under pressure - managing time effectively between multiple jobs, full-time study and life.

About Me


University of South Australia
Bachelor of Information Technology (Networking and Cybersecurity) (6.91)
Feb 2020 - Present
Tutor & Practical Supervisor
University of South Australia
Jan 2019 - Jan 2020
Junior Web Developer
Feb 2018 - Dec 2019
Peer PASS Leader
University of South Australia


I might not have as much experience as some others, I'm a recent graduate who can adapt to any company's needs.


Projects & Work

ActiveOps - ControliQ

I created the APIs for the top two reports used in the Workware+ platform and assisted in the creation of other reports and frontend tweaks.

ActiveOps - ControliQ


Creating a timetable at university is often very difficult, external tools like Word or Excel can be used to create a timetable through manual interaction. This project aims to make the creation of a timetable simple through the use of FullCalendar.

Timetabler Demo

ActiveOps - Time Based Work

Our prototyping team created a new product called Time Based Work (TBW) that allows sprints to be captured and planning to be conducted based on output from the team. During the creation, we actively used and evaluated the product. I worked heavily on planning, data capture and transferred SSRS reports to ASP.NET MVC.

Time Based Work
ActiveOps - Time Based Work


A project focused on Capture-the-Flag competitions held at cybersecurity events. A CTF allows teams to compete for points by completing technical challenges. The website provides the framework for a CTF. Customise challenges and add new ones with ease.

More Projects